The Universality of Family Photographs

The Universality of Family Photographs (2019) builds on Lest We Forget’s seminal work, Emirati Family Photographs: 1950-1999 (2015), by placing Emirati family photographs within in a global context. 


Sheikh Zayed: A Century of Memories

To celebrate the centennial of the birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004), the Founder and first President of the United Arab Emirates, Lest We Forget has compiled one hundred personal memories from individuals whose lives were elevated by Sheikh Zayed.


Marhaba Abu Dhabi

The world over people have delighted in writing and receiving postcards. On postcards the artistry of photography, illustration, penmanship, language, and stamps all come together with a myriad of diverse and intriguing results. Marhaba: Abu Dhabi explores the once common practice of sending postcards from Abu Dhabi to the world. 


Structures of Memory in the UAE

Examining the architectural history of 1914-2014, Lest We Forget: Structures of Memory in the UAE exhibition's catalogue focuses on the early years of nation building and the initial encounter with modernism during the 1970’s to the 1980’s.


Emirati Family Photographs 1950–1999

Lest We Forget: Emirati Family Photographs 1950–1999 is the first compilation of Emirati vernacular photographs to be published. It comprises a genuine collection of Emirati family photographs and oral histories, offered by the first generations of Emirati citizens and responded to by their descendants.


Emirati Adornment: Tangible and Intangible

Emirati Adornment: Tangible and Intangible presents a rich and fascinating exploration of Emirati identity, aesthetics and cultural history as conveyed through various modes of adornment.